By: Kevin Bronson

The playful indie-soul on Carly and the Universe’s debut album “The Whole Shabang” is so endearing that we’re almost forgiving them for not consulting a dictionary for the proper spelling of “shebang.” Almost. The band is comprised of Carly Liza along with George Fry, Cameron Clarke and Young Creatures’ Mike Post and Spencer King, but it is the singer’s cherubic voice that’s at the center of the whole shebang. While her players keep things tasteful, she waxes open-hearted about the ones that got away, the one she’s hanging on to, and how it feels to be a “Love Savant” — someone who, finding it impossible to act nonchalant, is always “bending over backwards / for this fallacy.”

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By: Dan Frasier

Carly and The Universe is a sweet soul-pop outfit fronted by the Redondo Beach chanteuse Carly Liza. The powerhouse ensemble (which includes Spencer King and Mike Post of Young Creatures) lays down their sound nice and smooth while Liza exudes a very sultry presence. Their debut full-length, The Whole Shabang, will be released on November 1st but for now enjoy their latest single “Open Heart"

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By: Katie Sevigny

Carly and The Universe are an LA band who’d love to share their brand new album “The Whole Shabang” with you! They call themselves old school soul with a contemporary R&B vibe. We love Carly Liza’s laid back voice; this is such easy listening!


      South Bay Magazine - Manhattan Beach, CA

By: Carly Liza

It all starts with a massive thirst for new ideas. Then comes the unrelenting willingness to create and accomplish these ideas. When a work is finished, the sense of accomplishment drives the passion forward, and the cycle is repeated.

For me, this is what makes making music fun. As a singer, songwriter and painter, creativity is always on my mind. I might get ideas from the way I am feeling a certain day, or a conversation I have might drive me to write a story from someone else’s perspective.

These days, I’m focusing on playing in a soul/pop band called Carly and The Universe. It has taken more than two years from initial writing to the release of the album—but well worth it for the feeling of receiving the first few copies of The Whole Shabang in the mail. Not to mention the exhilaration of hearing my song ideas turned into an awesome finished product.

Over those two years, we recorded demos upon demos and rehearsed every week with the band. We recorded the album at various Los Angeles studios over a six-month period until we were sick of the songs and ready to perform.

Then I put together an album release show at a cool venue in Los Angeles with two other bands, food trucks and a gallery installation with my artwork. I’ve learned to roll with the punches when Murphy’s Law squeezes its little nose into my business, as it so often does.  

I enjoy creating music and singing so much that I don’t find the hardships of the industry discouraging. All the time, money and effort I put into my craft is worth it.

The industry has been changing with the advent of the internet and the rise of streaming services. This revolution should be embraced with omnipresence, by using social media and local concert shows as ways to network and make new music.  

The best way for any artist to stay creative is to expand their artistic mediums, although this doesn’t mean everything an artist tries will fit. Being an artist is creating. Exploring other creative outlets outside of music helps feed my inspiration, which eventually finds its way back around to help me write music.

Above all, it takes passion and drive in any dreams you have to turn them into a reality. I always have a desire to better myself as a person and as an artist.

I am so honored and proud to have my voice. My goal is to be able to travel with my music and share my passion with the world. Hopefully the rest of the world has something to share with me too.