Carly and the universe is a indie soul pop band making waves on the los angeles scene.


First things first, let’s just smooooooth it out.

 I know you’re tired.  You’ve tried and tried to get down with those same old jams, to find something that was truly worth shaking that God-gifted piece of perfection to, but it ain’t no use.  You’re sick of tryin.  You need 100 CC’s of class and sass and you need it right quick. 

Wipe away those tears, little one.  The wait is over. Carly and The Universe has arrived.

What’s that?  You hadn’t heard?  Well don’t go beatin yourself up over it.  This hot little soul-pop outfit has just hit the Los Angeles scene.  They’ve got just the right amount of that classic soul, and a perfect splash of that special somethin new, to get those feet movin from here til kingdom come. 

But why don’t you find out for yourself?  The Whole Shabang, the first full-length album from Carly and the Universe, is out now. Mark your calendars; it’s time to get down.