Carly and The Universe Press Kit


Painted album cover by Carly Liza




Band Bio:

Coming off the success of The Whole Shabang, the band has returned to the studio to work on their next release. The overall sound is Pop with a sweet soulful touch, making them the perfect band for a late night show after a rough work week.

The band, which has been together for the past three years, is composed of lead singer Carly Liza, guitarist Mike Post, bassist Freddy Hernandez, drummer Cameron Clark and keyboardist Artur Zakiyan.  Their previous release was nominated for Best CD (Group) at the LA Music Critic Awards in 2015, and received outstanding press from Buzzbands and South Bay Magazine, as well as from indie blogs like Free Bike Valet and Lady Indie Blog

The new album has been recorded at MooseCat Recording, a private vintage analog recording studio created by Carly Liza and Mike Post.  

Although Liza’s sweet lilting voice is unique in many ways, it also bears the strength of such performers as Amy Winehouse and Gwen Stefani, rising upon the beat of the music to settle into that sweet spot in the listener’s auditory spectrum. The rough cuts from that session reveal a stronger musical vision than previous efforts, and should elevate Carly and The Universe to a wider recognition as one of the best soul and pop bands.

Until You Decide

Good Vibes

Scheduled Release Dates:

September 29th - Sink In: Single Release

October 27th - Black and Blue: Music Video Release

November 24th Listen: Music Video Release

December 29th - Release Promo Video of Album Cover

January 26th - Until You Decide: Single Release 

February 23rd - Good Vibes: Single Release

March 30th - Album Release


Whole Shabang Review (1st album): 

The playful indie-soul on Carly and the Universe’s debut album “The Whole Shabang” is so endearing that we’re almost forgiving them for not consulting a dictionary for the proper spelling of “shebang.” Almost. The band is comprised of Carly Liza along with Artur Zakiyan, Cameron Clarke and Young Creatures’ Mike Post and Freddy Hernandez, but it is the singer’s cherubic voice that’s at the center of the whole shebang. While her players keep things tasteful, she waxes open-hearted about the ones that got away, the one she’s hanging on to, and how it feels to be a “Love Savant” — someone who, finding it impossible to act nonchalant, is always “bending over backwards / for this fallacy.”  -BUZZBANDS